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MGA (Newsletter) - Mark Hislop, Spring/Summer
'Times a-changin Caught on Camera' The Age - Gabriella Coslovich, October 20


'On Making Veiled Threats' The Age - Robert Nelson, January


'Self-Portrait is Hanging High' Frankston/Hastings Leader - Ryan Sturman, January 19


'Archibald Prize Form Guide' The Sydney Morning Herald - Bruce James, March 21
'The Spirit Moves Them' Herald Sun - Paul Gray, August 26


'Seminar Success' Reformed Theological College (Newsletter) - August
The Sydney Morning Herald - Bruce James, May 20


'Hang-ups and Hang-outs' The Age - Robert Nelson, January 28
'Soul Searching' Courier Mail (Brisbane Arts Magazine) - Sandra McLean, November 17, P1


'Shroud defies disbelief' Herald Sun - Paul Gray, September 26
'Stigma' Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery (Newsletter) - Exhibitions, December
'...or a step forward' The Age - Letters, Warren Breninger, June 19


'Not for the Faint Hearted' Canberra Times - March 20
'An Artist of family and God' Frankston Standard (Entertainment) - January 4
'From the Bush to the 'Burbs' The Herald Sun (Arts & Entertainment) - Jeff Makin, June 7


'Drawn from Experience' The Australian - Giles Auty, August 30, p13
'Winning Picture of Domestic Bliss' The Daily Telegraph - Elizabeth Fortescue, September 5
Review The Sydney Morning Herald - John McDonald, September 6
'It Pays to Read Between the Lines' The Bulletin - Bronwyn Watson, September 23
'Linking Human Form with Pictures' The Examiner (Dandenong & District) - September 15 & 22
'Heart of Glass and Photomedia Style' The Australian - Susan McCulloch, January 21


'Religion and Culture' Institute for Theology & the Arts (Newsletter) - Rod Pattenden


The Berwick Times - July 27, p9


'History Revisited' The Herald Sun - Anne Marsh, April 19
'Photography' The Age (Highlights of the Day) - April 13
'Mandorla Paints Religion in a Brighter Light' Herald West Australian - Gavin Simpson, October 8


'Wall-to-Wall in the Salon' The Age - Greg Neville, January
'From the Sacred to the Profane' The Australian - Christine France, December 18


'Bric-a-brac, At the Expense of Art' The Age - Christopher Heathcote, June 17
The Age (Entertainment Guide) - Jane Freeman, July 31
'Naked Truth about our Lost Innocence' The Australian - Robert Rooney, August 15
Time Australia Magazine - Rod Usher, December 21, p56-57


'Photographic Art Needs Boost' The Age - Greg Neville, January 8
'National Gallery Puts 130 Years of Photography on Display' The Age - Greg Neville, January 25
'A Patchy Pot-Pourri of Artist's Camera Work' The Age - Greg Neville, October 24
'Stephenson has Nature's Power of Astonishment' The Age - Greg Neville, November
'Mandorla Prize Creates a True Spiritual Challenge' Herald - Gavin Simpson, December


Adelaide Review - John Neylon, April
The Australian Jewish Times - Sue Saxon, January 5
'Polite, Tame & Pretty Art Makes few Demands on Viewer' The Age - Greg Neville, June 28
The Canberra Times (Magazine Arts) - Ian George (Archdeacon of Canberra), May
Berwick City News - May 10
Adelaide City Messenger - Letters, March 21
Adelaide Advertiser - Letters - March 21, 31, April 5, 7, 10, 11, & 17
'Hail Mary - Art Thou Religious?' Adelaide Advertiser - Richard Ogier, April 23


'Persistent Artist' The Age - December 15
The Herald - December 15, p2
'Award Winning Painting Hails Mary in New Light' The Australian - Adam Gibson, December 15
The Sydney Morning Herald - John McDonald, December 23
'Art Judge Puts Neck on Chopping Block' Alice Springs News - Dorothy Grimm, October
'11th Time Lucky for Blake Prize Winner' The Sydney Morning Herald - John McDonald, December 15
'Art Meets Religion and Takes its Halo Off' The Sydney Morning Herald - Bruce Lee, December 15, p1


Reformed Theological College Newsletter - Spring
'Breninger turns Blakean' Sydney Eastern Herald - Martyn Jolly, December 20
'Differences Show in Photography' The Age - Beatrice Faust, December 16
'Shaking off the Armor' The Age - Gary Catalano, December 14
'The Expulsion of Eve' Broadside (CACSA) - Margot Osborne, Summer
'On an Escalator from Inferno to James Bond' The Age - Beatrice Faust, March 30
'The 'Legitimate Child' Transcends Tradition' Geelong Advertiser - Pamela Irving, August 4
'Exposing a Spiritual Realm' Geelong Advertiser - Pamela Irving, August 25
'The Refining Fire' The Cut (CARA) - Malcolm Maloney, January
'History a Living Companion to Works of Three Artists' Adelaide Advertiser - J. Emery, November 9
'Call to Close the Gap between Church and Artist' The Sun (Living) - Muriel Porter, January 19
'Are the Churches Cutting their Own Throats’ Canberra Times - Ian George (Archdeacon of Canberra)
'Questions about Religious Art' Canberra Times - David Dolan, January 30


'The Many Faces of Warren Breninger' The Age - Gary Catalano, March 4
The Sun - Rod Carmichael, March
'A Cosmic Gender Gap' Canberra Times (Good Times) - Deidre Mahoney, August 13


'On Embracing the Secular' The Age - Arthur McIntyre, April 4
'Photography - A Stormy Tale of Two Cities' The Bulletin - John Baxter, July 1


'Here's to a Show of Leading Talent' The Herald - Ronald Miller, March 8
'Roots and Seeds' The Age (Monthly Review) - Paul Carter, April
'Yum-cha Spread of Big Pictures' The Sydney Morning Herald - Mark Hinderaker, October 29
'A Celebration, Beware the Pictorial Shock Waves' The Sydney Morning Herald - Max Dupain, November
'Future Seen in Images of the Present' The Sydney Morning Herald - Mark Hinderaker, November
The Chronicle - January 16


National Times - Melbourne Galleries, May
'Artistic Statements Free of Gimmickry' The Age - Anthony Clarke, May 13
The Sydney Morning Herald - Mark Hinderaker, July
'Lenses Avoid the Contemporary' The Australian - Robert McFarlane, October 27
'Photography using Multiple Parts' The Sydney Morning Herald - Mark Hinderaker, November


'Use and Abuse of the Camera' Adelaide Advertiser - Lance Campbell, September 1
The Australian - Robert McFarlane, September 21
'Breninger Invites Participation' The Sydney Morning Herald - Max Dupain, September 21
'Human Torment' The Mercury - Marion Hardman, October
'Grant for Local Artist' Frankston Peninsula News - Volume 20, No 1, January 13
'The Photographers' National Times - Craig McGregor, March 21-27
'Understanding Colour' The Herald - Ronald Miller, April 8
'A Fine Choice of Photographs' The Chronicle - April 15
'Visual Sculptures' The Courier Mail - Ray Cash, June 3


'The Manipulations of Photography' The Age - Arthur McIntyre, August 21
'A Grand Gathering of the Visual Arts' The Age - Anthony Clarke, June 29
'Good and Great' Adelaide Advertiser - David Dolan, March 3


'Our Own Rare Iconic Images' The Age - Tony Perry, March 12
'Prize to Critic' The Age - January 30


'Flagging Medium Revived' The Australian - Tony Perry, May 29
'Prize to Critic' The Age (Stage)


'Photo-Graffiti' Nation Review - Jane Pennells, February 2-8
'Youthful Celebration of Fleshy Pleasures' The Australian - Sandra McGrath, January 31
'Theme Shows are Good Value' Sunday Telegraph - W. Pidgeon, February 5
'Camera on the Threshold' The Sydney Morning Herald - Nancy Borlase, February 4


'Newey's Colored All-Sorts' The Australian - Mary Eagle, November


'A Snap at $4 Million' Sunday Press Magazine - Kevin Childs, April 4, p22
'Refocused' The Herald - Alan McCulloch, April 1
'A Couple of Revivalists' The Herald - Alan McCulloch, June 24
'New Life Among the Ruins' The Herald - Alan McCulloch, November
'Painters in a Rut' The Australian - Maureen Gilchrist, January 31
'Pictures are Passe' The Herald (Letters to the Editor) - March 4, p17
Vogue - Carol Parker, April, p19
'Small Harpoon for a Huge Con' Nation Review - Beatrice Faust, April 2-8
'Exhilarating Ockers' The Australian - Maureen Gilchrist, December 1


'Photogarbology, the Now Mythology' Nation Review - Beatrice Faust, March
'Some Trash but a lot of Diamonds' The Australian - John Williams, March


Carlton News Volume III, No 7, Galleries (Melbourne Times 14/4/71) - Kristin Hutton
Melbourne Times - August 11, p16
'No Easy Success' The Herald - Alan McCulloch, December
'The Art of the Matter' The Sun - December


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Reviews & Articles

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